Check the Chip Day August 15th, 2016

Monday August 15th is “Check the Chip Day.”  This is a great time to bring your pet by we can:

  • Scan their microchip
  • Make sure your information is updated with the microchip registries

If your pet needs a microchip we can place one for you.  Consider it the most important gift you could ever give them!

Here’s what you need to know about microchips:

  • Do not hurt your pet – no more discomfort than a vaccination
  • Do not require surgery – a simple, one-time insertion with a syringe

How it works:

  • If your pet is taken to an animal shelter or clinic, the staff will scan the microchip to read its unique ID code
  • The staff will then call the appropriate registry with your pet’s identified ID code
  • As soon as your contact info is retrieved, you will be contacted and arrangements will be made to reunite you with your pet

We will be open from 7AM-10PM stop by anytime to let us check your pet’s chip.